Societe Générale Easts Rugby Buddy Program

Honorary Lifetime Member Steve Goddard 

Steve Goddard has been a member of Easts since 1969. Having played over 350 games for the Club (Colts and Grade) he is one of our highest capped Easts players. Steve played in every position out on the field except halfback.  Over the years Steve was the gear steward for the Club including the setup and demount of the oval every week and getting all the Colts gear ready. He was the team strapper and masseuse for all Grade teams, a avid Board Member for some 11 years including two years as Vice President, and Chairperson for all Clubs representation to NSWRU. He was the liaison and gear steward for all international teams to Australia, along with being the gear steward for the Wallabies from 1987 to 1995 including 3 RWC’S. To say the least Steve has been a true part of Australian Rugby throughout the decades and continues to show his passion for the game down at Easts as a Honorary Lifetime Member.  Steve has been part of the Societe Generale Easts Rugby Buddy Program from the start, entering it with a open view on what it has to offer and how it can be used in many different ways, not least to stay connected to the club through a true personal approach.  "My Buddy Zara Lee has been lovely, she is a really nice person and has shown a real interest in my history with the club." "Our conversations are great, and it is nice to hear about what is happening at club level, along with what the club are doing in terms of gearing up to get everyone ready for the season to commence. Having the safety of their members, players, supporters, sponsors, and volunteers at the forefront of these plans." "When I heard about this initiative, I thought it was a great idea. Having been a part of it I can confidently say my initial thoughts were correct. Give it a go, become part of a great initiative. If other clubs see this, you should follow this program put together by Tamsin." If you want to become part of the Societe Generale Easts Rugby Buddy Program, please email for further details! 

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