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Jersey Calcutta

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Gamble responsibly, and give back to Easts. Bet on a jersey for the 2021 season, and if it is one of the top ranking jerseys for player points throughout the year, you’ll win cash at the end of the season. Last year’s prize pool was over $6000.


Over the next 5 weeks bids are open on Jersey Numbers from 1-15 in 1st Grade, 1st Colts and Women's. Once the bidding closes, the winning bid then owns the jersey number. Each week Pauli, Gareth and Campbell award scores of 3-2-1 to the players of their respective teams, with the scores going towards the Jersey Number the player had on the day. The scores accumulate over the season and the jersey with the most points at the end wins the Calcutta.

The amount won is based on how much money is raised. 25% of the funds raised goes to the first prize, 10% to the second prize and 5% to the third prize. This is across all three categories, which each prize money being based off funds raised in that category.

Step 1

Go to OR sms “eastsrugby + [your name]” +61458678678 to register. Example: eastsrugby John Murray

Step 2

Choose a team: Mens, Womens, or Colts

Step 3

Bid on a jersey number, and make sure you’re the highest bidder by Round 6 (15 May 6pm)

Step 4

Cheer on that jersey number all season

Step 5

If that jersey number accumulates enough player points (as determined by the coach each week) you’ll win cash at the end of the season. Cash is awarded to the three jerseys with the highest player points.

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