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From The President

As you will be aware, the 2021 season has come to an end and East Rugby have some serious planning to do for 2022, including appointing a new 1st Grade Coach. These plans need to be formulated by those who will be carrying the torch in 2022 and onwards, which will not include me.

I have been on the Board of Easts for 11 years and President for 7 and at last night’s Board meeting I informed the Board I will not be seeking re-election. I have absolutely loved being involved with our club and cannot thank the Easts community enough for the fantastic support and encouragement everyone has shown as together, we rebuilt our great club.

When we started talking about becoming the best Rugby Club in Australia, it seemed a little far fetched, now we are close to making that a reality. My announcement has been brought forward by the circumstances in which we find ourselves and I am looking forward to getting behind the new leadership (as I’m sure you will) as they steer our club on to bigger and greater things. I will remain President until the election at the upcoming AGM, however, I will not be participating in any long term, strategic decision making. I would like to thank all of you, especially my family, for making this possible, it’s truly been great fun and a huge honour to be involved with such an outstanding group of people.

Go Beasties

John Murray


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