Colts Match Reports | Easts v Southern Districts

Ben Staunton

Colts 1 Easts v Southern Districts W 42 - 19

One of the better performances of the season which is encouraging for the upcoming fixtures. The energy and skill in the first half was too good for Souths but we did have a moment in the second half where we switched off and allowed them to get themsleves into the game. Fortunately we were able to answer with another try. It was really encouraging to see a couple of players coming back from injury and getting out on the field.

Colts 2 Easts v Southern Districts W 84 - 12

This was an easier contest compared to the last couple of weeks. It would have been easy for the boys to switch off after scoring a couple of tries early in the first half but a timely reminder at half time to be ruthless and the boys were able to step up to the mark. The highlight was the number of changes in the second half but the system and rthym of the side staying the same and playing with the same level of energy throughout the game. Specail mention was for Tom Miller and Aidan Patterson who scored a handful of tries.

Colts 3 Easts v Southern Districts W (by forfeit)

Colts 4 Easts v Mosman Colts 1 L

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