Colts Match Reports | Easts v Norths | Sat 8th June 2019

Ben Staunton

Colts 1 Easts v Norths L 19 -24

A pretty dire performance with loads of errors from both teams, it was a really disappointing display after some good work in the past couple of performances. I think a lack of respect for the ball and a slip in the standard you have to be at every week to compete in this competition was to blame. This I am hoping will be a massive learning curve for our Colts.

Colts 2 Easts v Norths W 28 - 7

Another top of the table clash which allowed the 2nd Colts the chance to show their full credentials. They played the better rugby when we had the ball but really struggled at set piece especially in the scrum. It's an area we need to imporve on if we are going to push for honours in the later part of the season. They won this game again based on their defence.

Colts 3 Easts v Norths W 28 - 5

Turned into a scrappy match after such a positive start to the game and a couple of great team tries. The real positive part was coming away with a win and a bonus point.

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