Colts Match Reports | Easts v Gordon | Sat 1st June 2019

Colts 1 Easts v Gordon L 24-36

This was close encounter and it was small error that cost the 1st Colts dearly. The effort and desire was there to be seen by all as it was such a phyiscal display. Little things are hurting us at the moment and we are hoping the bounce of the ball will go our way soon. We are still progressing in the right direction and we weclome playing Norths this weekend.

Colts 2 Easts v Gordon W 24 - 17

A tough battle which was won by the desire of the 2nd Colts defence and the boys putting their body on the line during contact. Even though we struggled at set piece we found a way to keep hold of the ball in key areas. It was a brilliant effort from all involved and it was a team effort.

Colts 3 Easts v Gordon L 26 - 31

The first lost of the season was a timely reminder that we still have plenty of work to do to become the best in the competition. This was a tough fixture and a physical one which we struggled to handle at times. Still we were able to play some exciting football and come away with 2 losing bonus points.

Colts 4 Easts v Gordon W 29 - 7

After a number of close encounters with Gordon 4th during th season it was brilliant to see the boys gain a convincing victory this time round. Tate Kemeny and Lachlan Shortis were the stand outs in a good team display.

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