Colts Match Report | Easts v Randwick

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Ben Staunton, Director of Colts

1st Colts v Randwick L 14 - 42 MOM Wilson Dulieu

This game was a real mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly as it sums up the performance and the end result. The good aspect was that we had loads of success with the ball and were able to put Randwick under pressure but the bad part was that we weren't able to sustain it and they thrived off our errors with a number of run away tries. We had a number of opportunities to add to the score line and against a good team you have to take them which we didn't. The ugly part was the end scoreline, losing to local rivals.

2nd Colts v Randwick W 10 - 7 MOM Aiden Kelso

On a small pitch this encounter a really close physical battle which we were able to edge out as winners by a penalty goal. It was defence and desire that won the game with every player putting their body on the line to win the contact zone. This leads the 2nds into the top of the table clash against Gordon with the Minor Premiership on the line.

3rd Colts v Randwick W 35 - 12 MOM Jobe Brooks

Once we were able to take the sting out of Randwick enthusiasm by a couple of intercept tries the 3rds settled into their normal rhythm to pull away another victory. This victory was based on smart play and being cool to play in the right areas with good kicking from Tom Faddy and Ryan O'Brein. We were able to squeeze the life out of Randwick and live off their errors. This victory meant that the boys claim the Minor Premiership. Well done to all those involved but the hard work has just began.

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