Celebrating International Nurses Day!

Easts has many frontline workers, who are every day putting their lives after others. Below are three of our frontline hero's who have been doing just that since COVID19 began.

Darcy Bray 3rd Grade Manager

We spoke with Darcy about his time on the frontline and how he's found the unprecedented challenges during COVID19. Darcy is a Paramedic with NSW Ambulance, and is also a registered Emergency and Cardiothoracic Specialist Nurse with St. Vincent's Hospital Sydney.  How has the current COVID19 crisis affect your job? COVID-19 has completely changed our practice as health care professionals. In the spirit of international nurses day the greatest change to health is that people diagnosed with COVID-19 really rely on nurses too care for them, as this is a virus there is nothing doctors can do Nursing care is paramount in a patients recovery.  How long have you worked within the healthcare sector? I have grown up in healthcare, I am a 3rd generation RN and second generation Paramedic. I personally have worked in health care since I was 15 years old, starting as a care assistant in nursing homes prior to moving to the hospital system post University and now on road as an Ambo. What would be your top tips for the Easts community be on how to deal and handle COVID19? Be alert, not alarmed. follow directions closely as they are given out and WASH YOUR HANDS!!!!

Ashleigh Matthews (Ash) Women's Player

Ash is a registered nurse in interventional cardiology. (Plumbing and electrics of the heart) scrub/scout/recovery/team leader. 60% of her work is elective surgery (cardiac angiography, stents, valve replacements. The rest being emergency cases and inpatients. Due to COVID19 elective surgery has been rescheduled in order to save ICU/ward beds and personal protective equipment for COVID19 patients. Her department has become a step down unit for ICU patients.

Ash's top tip for the Easts community, "Wash your hands with soap! For as long as the women's victory song goes!

"What should one do when darkens the sky

When in the horizon enemies' sails arise? What should one do when there is a need To fool the approaching death, to do a hero's deed?

We rule the Seven Seas! Swords high for our Queen! Shout for what we live: Rum, women, victory!

Shout for what we live: Rum, women, victory!

What should one do when the answer's not there On the highest mountain, or the deepest sea bed? What should one do if not fully alive? Face looming death with a grin and the nectar of courage

We rule the Seven Seas! Swords high for…"

Jude Kendrick Easts Women's Player

Jude has worked within the health sector for over 10 years, and is currently working in cardiology. She has two jobs currently - working on a cardiac ward and working in cardiac rehabilitation.

How has the current COVID19 crisis affect your job?

It's significantly impacted it, adapting from a physical model to a Telehealth model of care has been challenging. It has also highlighted the vulnerabilities of people in our community living with a cardiac/any chronic condition.

What would be your top tips for the Easts community be on how to deal and handle COVID19?

Wash your hands ;), and stay supportive and connected with each other using whatever social media platforms we can ❤️🤍💙!

Easts thank Darcy, Ash, Jude and all the other health care workers within our community for their continued support and dedication to their role as a front line hero in these challenging times!

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