Colts Report v West Harbour


Clean sweep for the Colts with very clinical performances for all teams



EASTS 62 defeated WEST HARBOUR 21


The horrors of the previous 2 weeks were quickly wiped away with the FIRST Colts putting in one of their better performances of the season.


The forwards won some quality possession which freed the backs up to run in some scintillating tries ..10 in total…centre Henry Paterson and winger Declan Quin helping themselves to 2 a piece however it was a complete team performance which hopefully can be maintained for the run home to the play-offs.


Two of WESTS 2 tries came from intercepts with their livewire half-back running the length of the field on both occasions.


Consistency or lack of it has been the real Achilles of this team all year so the pressure is on for another inspired performance this week.!




EASTS 48 defeated WEST HARBOUR 19


The Easts Second Grade Colts, inspired by playing at a ground with a Grand Stand, hit the field in a tremendously positive mood against West Harbour continually been inspired and led by their No. 10 and Captain Tom Lenahan.


Understanding the Finals are only a few weeks away the 2s realise they need to lift the bar, playing a flawless 1st half removing Wests from the picture scoring a point a minute  to lead by more than 30 at the break. Although taking their foot off the peddle and West Harbour receiving more of the ball in the 2nd half they had done the job in the first stanza and run out winners 48 -19.


The second half saw Wests attack our line for long periods and our defensive effort  was outstanding…one example of this at 41 – 12 Wests winger jumped on an intercept on their 22m line and had 10 metres on his chasers once they had turned. Dylan Luisi led the chase with several tight forwards working their butts off to get back to support Dylan…Dylan not only managed to catch the Wests flyer four metres out from the line but also upon tackling him jumped to his feet and with the assistance of members of his tight 5 managed to steal the ball and claim a penalty for his side…this is just one example of the enthusiasm and fortitude of these young men playing in all the Colts side at Easts…this is what we will need in buckets come the final series…we look forward to i


Well done to all the Easts Colts who are still standing… 3 wins from 3 at Concord Oval is an excellent performance.





EASTS 38 defeated WEST HARBOUR 17


After a strong first round win. Easts were expected to dispense with the big men from Wests.


Nick Gregory made an inauspicious exit from the game when he injured his ankle in the warm up. Resulting in a call up for Flaherty in one of his first starts in 3s.


The match didn’t start to plan though when after some bullocking runs by their forwards Wests got the ball to their flying winger Tennessee – Benson Aiwekhoe, who raced down the sideline to score and set up the scoring with a try and an early 5 nil lead.


Wests continued to run their big men at Easts, as long as Easts chopped them they were able to contain them.  Whilst they had size and natural skills the Wests team were poorly drilled and it wasn’t long before the disciplined Easts team equalled the score when Cale Williams showed how the wind of freedom blows scoring a neat try which was converted by the boyo Sam, don’t forget the hyphen, Rowland-Jones. Note here the “hyphen” plays is shorts that make Charlie Crittle’s look like shortie pyjamas!!


Easts kick of receipts were bad all day and it kept Wests in the game.  They still however stuck to their pattern and were able to take play back down field for the big H, Hayden Griffiths to score and extend Easts lead to 14 -5 with another SR-J conversion. 


Wests however went to their go to option from another botched kick receipt.  Sending the big men in to go riot. This time though Easts tried to take them high and the Wests fullback scored to take the score to 14-10 much closer than expected.


A penalty goal to SR-J put gave Easts a 7 point lead at half time. Whilst they looked in control there was always a risk of an upset.


Max Overall crossed the line early in the first half giving Easts more breathing room.  Not long after he decided to see if taking a palm to the face would work well as a defensive ploy. On his back and pleading from the nose he guessed the answer was no.  He was replaced by Stevens but returned from the blood bin after 10 minutes. Invigorated and raring to fix his mistake.


Negus continues to grow in the role and the Captain fantastic was the next to score. And the radar of SR-J remained on point with his shorts no impediment ! He thanks each try scorer for keeping it close to the posts.


Tate Kemeny is starting to take on the role of terrier as he had another good game. From the back of a maul he was able to see the line and made a dash for it. He scored and now that match was safely in Easts hands.


Wests though were not done and continued to ask questions of Easts defence scoring and taking the final score to 38-17.


This has been an interesting year with referees but it must have been a first to see a referee with blood streaming from his mouth at fulltime.  Easts were awarded a penalty and Cale Williams took a quick tap. Wests were clearly offside and the ref went to blow is whistle. It was close quarters and Williams was hit hard and driven back into the referee. Driving the whistle into the refs mouth and his tooth through his top lip. The referee was dazed and after a moment to compose himself blew time with the bloodied whistle.



On the road again this week for the clash against Parramatta …hope to see you there




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Posted on Friday, 28 July 2017


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