Colts Report v Eastwood (A)



Another one that got away for Firsts but great wins for Second and Thirds



EASTSWOOD 34 defeated EASTS 24


A familiar story for the firsts…out to an early lead then run down in the second spell.  Things were going strongly as midway through the first term Easts were leading 17 to 7 but mistakes filtered into their game as the game wore on…and yet again we could not put a lid on the game and seal it up. Lying in 5thspot now…with the top 6 to go through to the play-offs’s vital we get the job done in the final 3 rounds.





EASTS 24 defeated EASTWOOD 5


This was a brave victory with a seriously under manned side with so many players relaxing in Greece !! never headed and they are now outright second in the competition. One must pay a special mention to Ed Negus and Brett Kelly-Worth  who both backed up after playing full games in third grade , great club spirit and commitment.





EASTS 21 defeated EASTWOOD 7


Ropes consists of tiny strands of different materials, bound together, more and more, getting thicker, intertwined, becoming stronger and stronger.  So too were the young men not strong enough alone to withstand the heavy load of a third placed Eastwood but they bound together and became ever stronger in a game many had already written off.


A tangled rope has little value but the coaches of Easts patiently untangled the rope to put a team on the field with the confidence in its own strength and the trust to bind it together.


The first score of the game went to Eastwood for the doubters this was the start of the rot but for thecolts it was the last time they would be headed.


Kelly-Wirth was elusive in attack all day. In a move which started deep within his own half he avoided several Eastwood defenders before kicking downfield. The bounce was not good to him but Crerar who was running in support was able to pick the ball up and deftly dropped it onto his boot for another chase. Overall playing in the unfamiliar position of second row showed amazing speed when he appeared from the clouds and won the race to the ball.  After Kelly-Wirth’s conversion it was 7 all.


Eastwood dominated territory but for most of the first half and only solid defence from Easts maintained the score line.  Eastwood went close but Easts desperation and pressure ensure that they stumbled at the last hurdle either dropping the ball of conceding penalties.


It was 20 minutes into the second half before Easts could break the deadlock. From a sloppy lineout win Easts backline showed their superiority. Negus at first receiver fed Rowland-Jones who attracted 3 defenders offloading to Negus on the wrap around, he offloaded into contact to Kelly-Wirth who similarly offload to Tate, now playing on the wing. Harry Tate ( son of Michael ) made a run down the side line and was picked up by the cover. Quick ball to Tuineau saw him tackled over the gain line, strong placement allowed for a quick recycle which saw runaway train, Lau, make further inroads into Eastwood territory.  Tuineau was back on his feet and swept around the corner the stretched Eastwood defence pulled him down but he got a beautiful pop presenting a two on one advantage to Gill who threw the final pass to Walker. Walker still had work to do 15 metres from the line, he pinned his ears back, like all good wingers, burning his opposite number on the outside and beat the fast closing cover to the line. Walker brought the crowd to their feet as he put Easts in front.12-7 and with Kelly Wirth’s conversion it was 14 – 7 .


As in the first half Eastwood continued to pressure the line, but the more stress Eastwood put on the rope that was Easts defence the stronger it got.


Somerton’s over the ball work was excellent his smart wort was exemplified by a penalty awarded only a metre from the line. Swooping on to the tackled player he secured the pill but artfully ( a word not in his father Rick’s vocabulary ! )played to the penalty rather than clearing the ball to his halfback who would have been under pressure.


The finishing touch came when with the clock counting down and the game firmly in Easts grasps. Eastwood were playing catch-up football and in a desperate effort to claw back to a draw Eastwood’s winger threw a wild pass.  Negus intercepted sprinting 50 metres down the touchline avoiding the tackle of the last line of Eastwood defence and coming around to score close to the posts. Kelly Wirth’s conversions took the score to 21 to 7 and set the scene for the day for the other Colts teams.






No Game


This week off to Concord Oval for matches against West  Harbour …Thirds get the day underway at12.20 pm



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Posted on Thursday, 20 July 2017


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